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E. V . H

Well, they rocked in from Amsterdam
The boys that would make up the greatest band
$50 and a piano to start
Not a great place to make their mark
He said Eric & Jimmy blew his mind
He didn’t know he was one of their kind
Drink and drugs kicked in at twelve
He never learnt to leave them on the shelf

Peru, Panama or American perks
I guess it’s whatever makes your plectrum work?
The GM said I had no idea he was this good?
What a guitar hero he had become
Whisky a go go and Donington park
Eddie and Dave set the stage
With “ hot for teacher” and “ house of pain”
Many hits more and stadium fame
Girls went crazy wanting a slice of the game

It all started to take its toil
When Valerie said enoughs enough..
Metal picks took away his tongue
Little did he know he didn’t have long
When time was up his family were there
To see the hero from the stage they shared
Not sure which way he was going but, the devils in fright
As he’s made the devil “ Jump” high tonight
Heavenly fans will queue around the block
Just to see this man rock…
R.I.P. E.V.H. Heaven is electric tonight…

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