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I see the 11th century point of Bretons
The 70s beach find of Byzantine coins
Ecclesiastical parishes of Littleham and Raleigh
Pratt’s landing place, the site of the estuary ferry
Docks designed by Eugenius Birch
The place where Turkish pirates would lurch
Lady Byron and Ada Lovelace
Estranged wife of Lord Nelson’s safe place
Sir Walter Raleigh’s adventures of the world would start
How did Queen Elizabeth play her part?

Spinster cousins Yes! Husbandless wife’s
Built “A La Ronde” property with its sixteen sides
Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian houses abound
By The Queen Victoria tower which is positively round
“ Windy “ Miller the windmill man
Strolls of a era past through the strand garden

Footballers, rugby players and Cricketers too
Pat Butcher, Shirley Valentine and “Ed Pot Stu”
Authors, politicians and power boat racers
Danby, the Irish dramatic landscape painter
Singers that are classical and a Filipina child actress of renown
Famous and fabulous people of this quaint East Devon Town
When making your choice on where to spend your vacation?
Choose no other than Exmouth as your destination!


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