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Rockaway Beach

I see Timigtac North American tribes
Hunting on nearby Mori point to survive
Limestone quarries and abandoned coves
A place where Horace Hill made his home
The Portola expedition and Spanish flagships too
Only 7 miles to San Francisco, who would of knew?
Sea figs, poppies and endangered snakes
Herons, egrets, cormorants and cranky crakes.

Steve Rapport a photographer of renown
His pictures adorn the walls of galleries downtown
Nicks Seafood Restaurant and Moonraker too
Enjoy happy hours and dining with spectacular views
Motels that are close by the sea breeze
Or, motor inns for vacations with ease
If it’s your dream to travel the whole of highway one?
Then, why not break up your journey at this coastal town of fun?

Rockaway Beach, Pacifica.. Much love

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