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Callanish Stones

It’s been a long month and, I need to be free
To enjoy the mountains and wander by the sea
Meander up to the fragrant Isle of Skye
Take the slow boat to Lewis in the outer Hebrides isles.
Where I can see neolithic monuments and soak up the atmosphere
Of a time long gone and a time of no fear
My thoughts are wandering on whether to spend my time alone?
Or to align myself with the stars and the Callanish stones?

It was your man murdoch that put them on his charts
The only place he ever loved deep in his heart
I think he was a true Viking and from his princess he couldn’t part
When I’m here fishing or watching the solice red deer
It’s to Don Carloway, loch Rog and Great Bernera my thoughts always steer
Although you wander but, feel the chills in your bones
You will never be lonely amongst the Callanish stones.

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