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Born in the suburbs of Milan
Was this clever, entertaining, funny man.
At the age of 7 he became Carletto
When he said “ this is the life for mio”
Whilst working in Montmarte he serenaded his wonderful wife to be
Whilst she was working hard high on the trapeze
Circus Krone summoned in 1939
Where Hitler rewarded him with a watch for his jovial mimes.
When war commenced he threw the watch into the sea and, vowed to never forget those times.
Although, performing at Tower circus is where he would spend his life
The glitz of America beckoned for a while
There was Happidrome, secret people and The Ed Sullivan show
Blackpool wanted him back so, it was time to pack up and go
For a time he was “ a right Charlie” and subject of “This is your life”
Proof enough he was the Clown of clowns.
I remember talking to him whilst walking towards Derby Baths
With his puzzled look, and thinking hard about the next slapstick laughs
When the animals were released from the circus and there was no one around
I wonder if there was more than tears from this wonderful clown?
Chumbawamba, The Verdict and The Hepburns have all sang about this man
And, I for one will always remain one of his greatest fans…😢 of a 🤡 Xxx
17/02/1980 R. I. P. Hubert Jean Charles Cairoli….

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