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Fairhaven Lake

The clouds are billowing over Fairhaven bay
As the Blackbirds announce the start of another day
Those that are early to be wide awake
Love to jog on the trails that meander this fair lake
Tea and toast at the beach cafe
Gently strolling to admire the views along the way
Watching the birds at the lakeside RSPB
Take flight or, just waddle out to sea
Whether it’s a lonesome fox on the run?
The day is sure to be filled with fun
Rowing, golf or tennis are just part of what you can do
Or, lay back in the sun, it’s for you to choose
For me the favourite part of everyday
Is just to breathe in the views across the bay
Admiring such a wonderous sight
As the sun bends down on one knee and kisses Granny’s Bay goodnight…X

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