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I see a city rich in culture
Known for being the start of the Silk Road
Byzantium and Constantinople it was called in days of old
Nestled between two continents
Benefiting from them both
Separated by the mighty Bosporus
A gateway to prosperity and hope
There are Islamic arts,films and Bazaars
The seafood restaurants and historic taverns are the culinary stars
Palaces, museums and mosques
Cisterns, Hagia Sophia and Galata with a tower aloft
Meze, Kofte and Baklava will set your tastebuds on fire
Everything and more of what your heart desires
Four Seasons, Ciragan Palace and The Shangri la are hotels of renown
Many more fine hostelries are to be found
Opera singers, cartoonist and music producers too
So many people to meet and, so much to do
So, spend your time here wisely and do not delay
The friendly locals will ensure you enjoy your stay
Remember to visit all the UNESCO heritage sites
And don’t ever forget that Istanbul is pure Turkish delight! X

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