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Sir Thomas Moore

Tonight, I write about the sad passing of Sir Thomas Moore.
The Captain that tugged at all our hearts when, he went on a walk.
His life started in the town of Keighley, West Yorks.
Where he attended The Grammar school to be taught.
He raced motorcycles from a very young age.
Little did he know that this would help him on life’s next stage.
Time moved on and, so did Tom.
He was conscripted to Cornwall.
Where he would learn the necessities to go to war.
First it was the Wellington regiment and, then the armoured Corps.
But, career enhancement is exactly what he sought.
He was always known for saying “ Tomorrow will be a good day” never did he complain.
This would stand him in good stead with the atrocities of the Burma campaign.
When the war was over he went into roof and concrete sales.
Managing various companies finer details.
Although, he had brief TV appearances he didn’t become well known.
Until he’d reached a century. Yes! A hundred years old.
A pandemic hit the U.K. and Tom thought he would raise some funds.
So, he walked around his garden 100 times, a new hip meant he couldn’t run.
He had the inspiration and wanted to do his best.
He initially wanted to raise a small amount and just give a private cheque.
TV presenters heard the story and wanted to help his goal.
Little did they know it would be our hearts that he stole?
Well, there was a Gold Blue Peter Badge and two Guinness world records.
A British hit single “ You’ll never walk alone”
£39 Million with rebates is what was raised.
By this hero’s valiant efforts on them lockdown Summer days.
The Queen thanked him with a Knighthood and he’s received Honary degrees.
It’s amazing what can be achieved when a moment you do seize.
Planes, trains and automobiles have all been named “ Captain Tom”
In recognition of this, original number one.
Now, he’s taken his armoured car up to the tracks above.
We as a country will always thank him for his love.
God, I’m sure Will welcome him and recognise his face, and perhaps he will meet up with his friend Major Tom on his next walk out into space?
R.I.P Sir Thomas Moore. X

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