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Blackpool Nightclubs

Growing up in Blackpool was always going to be fun
A new girlfriend every week and every night on the town just, had to be done
The pubs closing at 11pm wasn’t going to quench our thirst
We’d carry on drinking all night but, it was to the nightclubs first
You’d have your last pub drink at 10.45
Add yourself to a guest list to keep the night alive
There were always some clubs that were best early doors
And some you left until late to make sure you scored
Here are a few that I remember from the good old days
When life was in the fast lane and stuck in a hangover haze
Hacketts one and Hacketts two
Then, it was Down the hatch for a few
Lemontree, Stix and Trader Jacks
Planters, The attic or Jokers on your way back
In the town centre there were too many to believe
007,008,Scoeys, Bunters, illusions and the good old Adam and Eve
Jenks, Jellies, Just Ji’s, The village and The Mecca for Northern Soul
The Tache and Heaven and Hell for those that rock more than roll
The American types were themed for a good time
Phoenix, Madison Ave, Cotton Club, Main Street, New York-New York and Mardi Gras were just fine
There were light displays at The Palace with John Michel Jarre
The Illawalla, springs, rumours, addisons and propping up Chaplins bar
Flamingo, pepe’s, funny girls and their sequins
Oz and those Napoleon types that went down under in Yellow submarines
Tower lounge, liquid lounge and the rhythm dome
For those dancing lounge lizards on their way home
Love shack, Rio, Sands and Linekars late night bars
The Jaggy thistle usually meant you’d end up seeing stars
The Waterfront, The Business and Syndicate super clubs
Promising yourself tomorrow night you will have just a quiet one down the pub…

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