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Dyddi’s Burg and grinding corn
Jacobite influences and, Prince Charlie marching on
Haunted parsonages and The gates to hell
Silkenstadt and his cotton he’d sell
St.James and St.Paul’s church yards
Marie Louise botanical gardens fasade
Railway station on the Withington line
The Stone clock tower keeping perfect time
The Souchay family and Mendelssohn
Jewish immigrants on Palestine road
200 year old Peacocks father
Flights from London up to Manchester
The blue plaques on Paulhan road
The war memorial for lives that toiled
Adamson and the ship canal going out to sea
Emily Williamson and, the RSPB
Sidney Bernstein of Granada TV
Veronica Conway and Carol Ann Duffy
Astronomer, writers and, journalists of Financial redress
A place where Rik Mayall and Caroline Aherne once had an address
There’s the Botanist, The Crown and Mad Giant places to eat
And, the limetree if you want to be seen
It’s a village that’s separate from outside influence
And, the place to live when you like somewhere distinctly different…
Welcome to Didsbury x

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