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Hamon De Massey and the Doomsday book
Bramhall hall and the meandering Ladybrook
St. Michael and All his Angels
The dairyground and Little Australians
Buying a house on New house Farm
Loving the cheese and the Cheshire charm
Fighter pilots coming into rest
A place where George Best kept his address
Sarah Harding and the Girls aloud
Peter and Jason from the comedy crowd
Ole, Kasper and Peter Schmeichel
Steve Bruce and Paul Ince chasing the Hardman football title
“ Tommy Teabag” and Ryan Thomas
Ronnie Barker well before his “ Porridge “
Wendy, Mark, yvette and Lauren
The Davenport theatre treading boards long forgotten
Ladybrook, Victorian and Mounting Stone pubs
Cricket, golf, angling and Rugby clubs
The place where Martin Fry learnt his ABCs
A place on the map at exactly 78 degrees
These are just some of my thoughts that came to mind
As I was sat in this delightful town passing the time. X

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