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Marvelous Marvin

Born in Newark New Jersey in 1954
His family moved to Brockton following the Newark riot uproar
1969 he would step into the ring
Bullying taught him it was going to be the right thing
Pat & Goody gave him a fighting chance
But, lies about his age held him back
His amateur career finished with 55 wins and one loss
Joe Frazier told him your good, your Black and you are the South Paw boss
His first fight was arranged against Willie Worm Monroe
He was trained by Joe Frazier as some of you may know?
Hagler lost this on points but, the experience helped him grow
Rip Valenti wanted on the books to promote
But, after a couple of fights legend Bob Arum got his vote
Nov 1979 he fought Vito Antuofermo
He kept the belt on the strength of a draw
Antuofermo would eventually lose to England’s Alan Minter
Hagler hurt Minter so bad he chopped him into splinters
Hagler as champion was kept extremely busy
Making a number of his opponents cut and punch drunk dizzy
Hagler then fought “ Hands of Stone” Roberto Duran
He only won that on points which was judged at the very end
Then, came the War against Hitman Hearns one of the greatest of them all
But, it only took 8 minutes and one second for Hearns to be toppled and fall
Finally, it was Mugabi and Sugar Ray
As a fight that’s not forgotten even today
Sugar Ray told Hagler “ you beat me man”
But, judges disagreed and made Sugar Ray the new champion
A rematch was planned to settle the fete
But, this never happened as Hagler was tired of the wait
After boxing Hagler moved to Milan
To become The Italian film industry’s total action man
The boxing legend has now taken his final ring call
It’s something that happens to the best of us and, to one and all
One thing I am certain of is a rematch against Sugar Ray Leonard
When the day finally comes and they both meet again in Boxing Heaven…
R.I.P G.O.A.T – Middleweight – Marvelous Marvin Hagler

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