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The Gypsy King

Well, growing up in Manchester was going to be tough
With a second home in Morecambe’s west end where it’s really rough
The way you have to fight your way through the awful times
Avoiding all the wrong crowds and staying away from crime
But, he grew up on boxing on those cobbled streets
He has passion for life in the boxing ring
Now, it doesn’t matter who he’s fighting
Tyson fury is the Gypsy King

I can remember who the boxers were back then
In spite of all the hard times I’m sure they would all do it again?
To see Ricky Hatton and Anthony Crolla in the ring
Makes me proud to be from Manchester
Where Tyson fury is the Gypsy King
You can see that Las Vegas, Nevada is the home of World boxing and other dramas
On that we would all agree
But, when you cross the Atlantic pond that don’t mean a thing
Once your back in Manchester
Tyson fury is the Gypsy King

It’s the home of Legends
The home of The “ Best” things
Home to the World’s greatest
Of which Tyson fury is the Gypsy 👑 king

Tyson Fury

We had two fights before tonight and they were very close
I came on top in both of them. I’m very pleased to boast
They said we had to fight a third. I looked forward to the chance
Out in the desert of Las Vegas we take our final stance
Both of us have had many a fight and, we’ve lost one or two
There isn’t between us, yes! Not much to choose
So, I set about my hard training regime
Picked the best of the sparrers and a great back room team
I headed over there to acclimatise to the heat
That really helped me find my big old clumsy feet
There was a tale of my gloves not being correct?
They checked them last time and told you they were up to spec
Then, you tried to delay the fight with your silly ring walks
Well, I say let’s fight the fight and, let the boxing talk
You came out boxing and was really working those jabs
At that point you obviously fancied your chance
Then, it went back and forth
You hit me hard on the ropes so, I knocked you on the floor
Fair play to you as you got up and just shook your head
At that point I should of finished it and put the fight to bed
You came out of your corner with a mission on your mind
And, knocked me down one more time
You did the same again a few minutes on
But, I’m a tough nut, and, you didn’t get the job done
We both took it easy for a couple of rounds
Trying to catch our breath and avoid the constant pounds
Well, I found a second wind in the 8th and the 9th
Landing those uppercuts but, you came back one last time
Your barrels were empty and I snapped you on the ropes
You couldn’t come back from that and, lost all hope
Faced down on the canvas the referee waved off the fight
I came over to you to show love and respect as, you would expect I might?
But, you were disrespectful and,wouldn’t shake my hand
Sportsmen that are bad losers perhaps should be banned?
Anyway, I proved that I’m a “ Great in the ring”
And, I will always remain a winner, god bless the Gypsy king…

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