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The Hacienda (Fac-51)

It occupied pole position down on Whitworth street west
A place of music and lifestyle that history books would later call the “ Best”
A factory records dream, the new order of clubs
Happy Mondays was the cure from the “ blue” of the local pubs
Anthony Blunt, Kim Philby and Hicks were named the bars
A place that soon attracted much more than stars
Opened by Bernard Manning whom, later returned his fee
Strangely, he didn’t see it as a place that was very clean
There was The Smiths, Oasis, Stone Roses and 808 State
Madonna even flew over for a overnight “holiday”date
DJs Clarke, Pickering, martin and park
Made sure those banging tunes were played until no longer dark
Nude nights and hot nights became part of Manchesters music scene
Then, Liasons became Dangereuses perhaps, it was the end of a dream?
Inside fac-tions became divided and it was no longer a joy
Then, security was increased and the club brought in The Salford boys
Well, from that point on closure would be on the cards
Guns and drugs meant it’s reputation was terminally scarred
Madchester spawned a vicious child and Gunchester was born
So, it’s hopes for continuation became ever more forlorn
Time was called and developers came in with a bunch of keys
Instead of the usual entrance fee which, was a bag of “ E”s
Remnants were saved including the famous DJ Booth
Peter Hook made six guitars from wood with stiletto grooves
Now, Apartments stand proudly on Whitworth Street West
And long gone are the sights and sounds as The Hacienda has been put to rest..X

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