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I have been thinking of calling my hotel Brigantia and, I would like to know what you think?
Celtic people from Northern England were the occupiers and, it was from here that I found a link
Firstly, I recalled my school days and the history I was taught
But, even then I felt that I should give this project some more thought
So, with my mind and body deep in the archives this is what I saw?
Brigantia was the “ High place” and home to the privileged few. So, when you pressed the button to book I, guess you knew?
People will come from far and wide and even from across the Celtic sea to enjoy the fun and frolics and revel in the diversity

I saw Minerva the goddess of wisdom and, yes,it was wise to make this your hotel of choice.
Victoria the Goddess of victory and, together in the bar you can celebrate and rejoice.
Please, if you are a Wigan Warrior or a centurion from Castleford way
This is the place to rest your chariot. A place to enjoy your break.
So, whether you are Braint from Wales or Charlie from Corbridge up by Hadrian’s wall.
The hotel offers affordable luxury, value for money and a welcome to you all.

Welcome to Brigantia… xx

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