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Georgia State

My sweet o’l Georgia state
I have read your troubles and see you’ve had a lot on your plate.

Apparently the devil went down to Georgia?
And, the lights go out at night
You need to crawl to find your watermelons
And, you do it all by moonlight.
It gets ever so lonely in hot’ Lanta, it gets so hot it burned again last night.

When it rains it rains all over the world
I’ve been told it’s just to water the good old Georgia clay? And, it keeps the Chattahoochee flowing down Alabama way.
Well, I’ve been a Ramblin man since the time I was born and I’ll travel highways 20 & 41 until the day that I’m done.
I’ll enjoy my seat on the dock of the bay.
It’s just my Savannah way.

When you’ve been everywhere you ever wanted to go.
Why don’t you jump on the midnight train to Georgia I, believe it goes real slow?
End your stay in Macon with a sweet Georgia peach, she’ll cook up dumplings and sweet potato pie.
She’ll treat you so well it’s enough to make you cry.

Love you Georgia xx

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