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Super Tuesday

It’s the race for the U.S.A
The big race to save the day
30 have dropped out so far
Many have entrance scars
Who will rise up to win?
Whose your favourite to become kingpin?
One has been here before
One will be shown the door…

“ Welcome to the Washington presidential handicap race at Whitehouse park. We only have two entrants for this prestigious race today.
24 Stallions and 6 Fillies have already withdrawn from this race to date. Many due to injuries and age issues. Some due to a increase in Bowel movements and one was seemingly gelded just prior to the entrance fee being paid.
The Orange Don is a previous winner of this race and the other entrant -Camel toe Joe has run twice before but, failed to show.
It’s the start of the big race today. Both entrants are in the voting gates ready for the off.
Well, it’s a great start by both of the them today. Around the first quarter in 24 and change.
Camel toe Joe has a short lead but, the orange Don is fighting him all the way on the outside.
A brutal half mile in 45 and 3/5 secs.
The Orange Don is three wide and racing for the top of the stretch with a 1/4 mile to go.
The Orange Don has now taken the lead and is pulling away.
Yes! He’s stretched out Camel Toe Joe like Monday’s washing and is leaving him in his wake.
There’s no stopping the Orange Don today”

Well the Orange Don has won again.
His friends will be so pleased especially the Russian’s
He retains the Washington presidential race..
Will he save the day?

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