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I see the glistening, sparkling lights
Lighting up those dark and dusty desert nights
It’s the place where palace architecture can be found
The streets are alive where moorish Riyads abound
Tangine and Zalouk adorn your plate
Belly dancers await you on that special date
Mint tea and Berber whisky are the drinks of choice
Join in the dancing and really rejoice.

Don’t limit your stay to Marrakesh
It’s not the only place to buy a fez
Why not try out the energetic souks for size?
It’s the place Bergman lit up a face with just her eyes
Beyond the red city discover glorious beaches
Respect the culture that only Islam teaches
Haggle with the traders down to a reasonable price
Enjoy all the Moroccan special delights.

You will come away from this place
With a magical smile on your face
Take home shisha pipes, genie lamps and intricate night jars
Spices, flying carpets and other souvenirs
You will dream of the day you can return again
To this magical desert oasis that is surely heaven sent?

Welcome to Morocco….

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