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I see Romans, Norman’s and St. Chad of Mercia
Germanicus medals, stashes of coins and, a place where 12,000 year old elk have reappeared
It was a Metropolis for slavery and imported goods
It’s a place where a farmstead stood by a pool
Entries in The Doomsday book and Banastreland
A place where George Hornby’s sparks got out of hand
Earl Tostig, Theobald Walter and Baron Butler too
Market stocks and whipping posts that dealt with a crime or two.

Flax and limestone hidden in Wardley’s warehouses
The River Wyre, The Bull and other Thatched public houses
I see footballers John Curtis, Paul Stewart and Tony Green
There was some that made it onto Blackpool’s first team
Section 25, Skrewdriver and a ventriloquist too
George Long the scholar and Tessie O’shea
A guitarist from The Police before their heyday
Poulton-le-Fylde is a place of renown
Making it worth a visit to this special small town. x

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