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Enjoy my collection of poetry that takes you on a poetic journey around the world. In this section, we invite you to immerse yourself in the evocative verses that beautifully capture the essence of diverse landscapes, cultures, and destinations.

"if you can make it here then, you can make it anywhere “

Under one sky

"We live under the same skies I feel your pain and hear your cries.."


"I see half wheeled shaped streets Making decimus’s mount.. "
"I see the glistening, sparkling lights Lighting up those dark and dusty.."


"I see Iron Age forts and Hele Barrow Farms owned by the earl.. “


"I see the 11th century point of Bretons The 70s beach find of Byzantine.. "

Rockaway Beach

"I see Timigtac North American tribes Hunting on nearby Mori.."

Callanish Stones

"It’s been a long month and, I need to be free To enjoy the mountains .."

Beware The Banshee

"Beware the wandering Wilas The woman of the fairy mound.."

The honeysuckle wall

"On my grandparents garden stood a statue of.. “


"I see a city rich in culture .."

Munich Air disaster

"I write to remember this day in footballing history.. "

Fairhaven Lake

"The clouds are billowing over Fairhaven bay.."


"I see the seven miles of golden sands..."

Blackpool Nightclubs

"Growing up in Blackpool was always going to be fun..."


"Dyddi’s Burg and grinding corn..."


"Yes! I delight over the blue isle of Capri.."


"You can hear the heart of N.O.L.A.."

The Hacienda (Fac-51)

"It occupied pole position down on Whitworth street west.."

Horse Racing

"Horse racing has been a passion for over 300 years.."


"Hamon De Massey and the Doomsday book.."


"This Tameside valley town.."

Georgia State

"My sweet o’l Georgia state.."

Central Drive

"She’s shattered and broken..."

I’m an alien man

"Took me a trip over to Area 51...."

Sea Lessons

"I’m looking down on the sea from the top of this tower... "

Welcome to the Burgerhood!

"Whether it’s Maccie “D”s or double cheese?..."
Climate Change
"I feel the change in the air and sea..."

Super Tuesday

"It’s the race for the U.S.A..."

Sand dunes of Love

"I’m just lost in the sand dunes of love.."


"I see Romans, Norman’s and St. Chad of Mercia.."

Amazing Grace

"Walking down the street feeling tired and weak.."


"I see the storms of dissent ‘ blowin’ across the Irish.."

The view from here

"You should see the view from here?.."


"I have been thinking of calling my hotel Brigantia .."

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