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Central Drive

She’s shattered and broken.
It’s a lonely life she’s in.
Even her depression is suffering.
Her body has had a autopsy report.
And,yes she’s slowly recovering.
Her self esteem levels distinctly distorted.
And it seems all these feelings derive,
From a lifetime of abandonment down on Central drive?…

She’s seen so many teenage pregnancies and perinatal deaths.
Overamping and severe stomach bleeds into her health.
Hair falling out and a distinct lack of nutrition.
The proximate caused by her solvent addiction.
She can’t take it anymore.
She’s lost her head and that rolls on the floor.
And yes! It all derives.
From a lifetime of abandonment down on central drive.

The authorities have their weekly call to check on her disposition.
To ascertain if there’s chance of improvement on her mental condition?
But, they don’t care she’s just a number on the list of despair 😩
What despair when you can’t help yourself?
What despair when the label says leave on the shelf?
The label is quickly summized.
“ A result of a lifetime of abandonment down on Central drive”

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