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I see market status in 1294
Where it was only a fishing village before
Kirkham house made of medieval stone
Victorian architecture that makes houses into homes
Goodrington, Preston and Roundham head
Cabbages, grapes and apples cider kept the locals well fed
Oldway mansion, palace hotel and the Inn on the green
All paid for by Singers winning sewing machine.

Railways, piers and the pirates of Penzance
Put Gilbert and Sullivan and Dartmouth railway on the map
Torbay airshow, regatta week and Paignton zoo
The Royal theatre which is very Bijou
Rossiters department store that closed in 2009
When the staff asked “ are you being served?” for the very last time
Colloquially the locals are Paignton Puddens which,means you will be looked after and well fed.
So, when it’s time for your family holiday, where better than Paignton to rest your sleepy head ?
Love Devon.. xx

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