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I see the seven ravens of the tower
They hold the hand of the monarchy power
The nightingale that sang with such flair
The pigeons of Trafalgar Square
Mute swans that glide the River Thames
Their beauty and elegance never ends
Pheasant and partridge of Wycombe fields
The water birds of Richmond reserve concealed.

Bushy parks famous birds of prey
Kingfishers of Longford river do stay
Tawny owls of Green park hunting at night
The Royal observatory goldcrests visitors delight
Canada geese that fly in to The Corner to squeak.
Falcons and herons and ring neck parakeets
Kestrels and Sparrowhawks and mandarin ducks
Richmond is known for ornithologists luck..

St. James duck island and Russian Pelicans
Waterfowl that inhibit, mallards, tufted and moorhens
Pipits and Stonechats and birds of the reeds
Warblers, nuthatches and Chiffchaffs with needs
These are all kept safe in parks that conserve
For our next generation to learn and observe
So when you are next in the capital and birdlife you seek then, visit London’s great parks and have a twitchers peek…

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