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I see half wheeled shaped streets
Making decimus’s mount entirely complete
A town with three lighthouses to its name
A hotel to which Queen Victoria took the train
Ice factories and sweet factories, a taste that is refined
A place where salt was actively mined
Sail powered fishing smacks and Icelandic cod wars
A place where “ roll on, roll off ferries” sail no more.

I see the March of the cod army
Nights of salty breeze and wind that is balmy
Fish and chips all wrapped up with the news
Customers of Freeport and their brand new shoes
I see Tenor Alfie Boe and M.B.E Jane couch.
Latterly famous for welterweight bouts
Jazz musicians and actresses of renown
Frank Searle that took a monster to Loch Ness town

Footballers, cricketers, dart players and a little comedian or two
Marine hall where the Beatles played in ‘62
Kiss of the gypsy and One way system and folk musician Alan Bell
“ it’s one of the most beautiful sights to see” Bill Bryson did tell
Hetty Wainwright investigated and decided it was the place to stay.
So, why go anywhere else for your well deserved holiday?

Love Fleetwood X

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