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Big Floyd was black but, does it matter if he was pink?

Please remember all lives matter and our attitude with dealing with the aftermath is what really stinks…

Firstly, let’s stop the gossip mongerers and ignore the media lies,
and, go beyond and above together then we too can rise…

Stop the rioting and looting too.
Please tell me what you are going to do when the clothes and jewellery doesn’t fit and stolen goods don’t suit you?..

We need to work together to stop the racial wrongs.
Only by being a team can we become incredibly strong…

They say that you are only as strong as your weakest link?
Well, I’m sure by loving and showing respect we can erase the hatred and put our lives in sync?..

So let’s rebuild the world one piece, one frame, one day at a time.
Work hard to do all this and stop the negative chatter.
Please always remember that all lives matter!

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