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This Tameside valley town
Has a point that it calls it’s crown
Back from Byzantine times
Coins are still being traced,and found
Bowlers, mad hatters and Mercury madness
Joseph Wilson explodes with great sadness
Coal mining down in Denton colliery’s
Oldham’s factory where they made the battery
St.Lawrence’s black and white church
The war memorial to remember those killed and hurt
There was Ruth Alice and George Lee
Living down on Market street
Howard Barney and his pigeon lofts
“ Homin” but, some inevitably got lost
Jimmy Armfield and Geoff Hurst
Two of the greatest in the world
Mick hucknell from Simply Red
Stone Roses drummer Alan Wren
Coach and horses and The fletchers arms
The Jolly hatter with its spirited charms
The Post room and The orange Tree
Or, The Blue Sapphire for that Asian treat
Thoughts that came to me as I drove through this town
Of the great character and friendly people I found.. X

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