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I see Iron Age forts and Hele Barrow
Farms owned by the earl of Bath in the borough
Chambercombe, champernowne and Bouchier
We’re all names of renown down this way
Titanic survivors and Titanic’s deceased
We’re the family “ Philips” from your high street
The three great fires that have left their marks
Caused by carelessness and electrical sparks
James Bowen was the skipper of HMS Charlotte’s great hull
He was retired and was just playing darts when I left school 😂
Jonathon Edwards jumped all over the school hall
Jason Twist playing pool with his eight balls
Jackie Collins rode horses and was known to be “ Rude”
Wow! Things that you taught her at your local school
Her sister became the queen of “ Dynasty” alas
I can’t believe her Devon home was anything like that Palace?
The coastguard cottages to the Torrs of Lee bay
Quaint B & B s that make a lovely place to stay
Damien Hirst’s restaurants and statue “ Verity”
Taking prime positions down on the quay
Frances Burney, peter Sellars, and Terry Thomas lived on your quirky back streets
Roads can be hilly so, be good on your feet
If you are looking to holiday on Devon’s North coast?
Then, I guarantee you will love Ilfracombe the most.. xx

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