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El Diego

Born in a small, poverty stricken Argentinian town.
One day he would rise up like a phoenix to own the footballers Crown.
The boy was only eight when he played for the little onions.
Although, they never thought of him as green.
Perhaps, they knew that he would grow up to be the best the world has ever seen?
Argentina Juniors and Boca as well.
Just a boy honing up his footballing skills.
Then came Barcelona and Napoli with, many years experience on the national team.

86’ a year English football won’t forget.
When he used the hand of god to put the ball in the net.
However, his next goal was the best you’ve ever seen.
Voted by many to be the goal of the century.
Loved by politicians and pop stars too.
He was his own footballing brand and hated by so few.
Puma and Coca Cola sponsored him and Shakira sang her song.
Warning him he was falling and glory was long gone.

Addiction took its hold,
and, although he had the hand of god the devil owned his soul.
Now he’s gone up to the spirit in the sky.
The place that all footballers go when they die.
Hopefully, he will be layed at rest?
If not he can go and party with his idol Georgie Best..

R. I. P. El Diego.. xx

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