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Munich Air disaster

I write to remember this day in footballing history.
When flight 609 departed from Munich and it ended in tragedy.
The plane was not meant to fly on that cold and snowy night.
But, the pilot was determined to make that Elizabethan bird fly.
His decision that night brought more than tears to every football fans eyes.
The third attempt and V1 was called.
Suddenly it’s not safe to abandon or abort.
V2 was not called and, the runway stopped too short.
A pilot was heard to say “ Christ we won’t make it”
As the plane skidded through the fences and a house it did hit.
44 people were on board that ill feted plane.
Only 21 survivors lived to see another day.
19 were injured and livelihoods were lost.
To error, stubbornness, snow, slush and frost.
It took 10 years for the surviving pilot to be cleared of any blame.
And 10 years for recovery of the “ Busby babes” unbeaten game.
Tributes and memorials were put in place.
To remember hero’s cut down and silenced on that day.
Not matter if your blood is Irish or, you have a English heart?
Thoughts of this will always tear you all apart.
News and commendations will continue to be made in honour of this disaster.
In full recognition of the late, great flowers of Manchester..❤️

R.I.P Geoff Bent, Roger Byrne, Eddie Colman, Duncan Edwards, Mark Jones, David pegg, Tommy Taylor, Billy Whelan.
M.U.F.C staff Crickmer, Curry, Whalley
Journalists Swift and Davies.
Pilot Rayment

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