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I have been asked to write about “ Boycie”
And,” you know it makes sense”

A star of “ Only fools and horses” watched religiously on our beloved old TV sets

On route to his pinnacle role he appeared in Dr Who
Z Cars, The Sweeney and Coronation street to name just a few

Dr Snuggles, open all hours and one foot in the grave

But, it was to be his role as “Boycie” which was the one that brought him fame

He was married to Marlene for 36 years and it showed he cared
Even though he referred to her as a “ Daft old mare”

Friends to the end with “ Del Boy”, “ Rodney” and “ Trigger” too
I’m sure even the “ Driscoll” brothers would give him the respect that was due?

Unfortunately, we all reach that period in life when, it’s time to ask “ Mike” to leave the Cognac on the top shelf

And, life has a habit of turning over cards that you weren’t even dealt

Your Heartbeat becomes slower and, it’s time to say goodbye
And take your final walk out of the gates at Nelson Mandela house to the Peckham in the sky

Where the Earl of Peckham will still be in his castle with, flaxen haired maidens dancing on a maypole

That’s if “ Del Boy” hasn’t been through there yet in a Zephyr that he stole?

R.I.P John Spurley Challis
A.K.A Herman Terrance Aubrey Boyce…❤️ X

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