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Yes! I delight over the blue isle of Capri
Just south of Naples in Campania Italy
Bones of giants have been found
Nearby the Blue Grotto’s hallowed ground
An ancient island of goats and wild boars
A place where Mount Solaro above the sea does soar
Commodus did banish his sister to Capri
Times when disposal took place too easily
French troops were stationed there in 1806
Leisure time for Napoleon to plan his next trip
Queen Victoria of Sweden once lived there
Her doctor announcing it was a place for great care
A place known for painters, illustrators, actresses and singers too
Safe haven for animals at the local Lo-Zoo
Lenin,Grace Kelly and Ernest Hemingway
Mariah Carey who owns a villa there today
Art and film festivals abound
The Tango festival with its Dancing sounds
Piazza Umberto, 12 churches and 7 museums
A place known for LBGT freedoms
Rare flora and fauna can be found
Where Quails,Woodcocks and Peregrine falcons fly round
A hydrofoil can take you to Naples, Sorrento or even Almalfi
But, why would you leave this beautiful island of outstanding luxury?

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