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You can hear the heart of N.O.L.A
The feeling is in every beat
You can see the rhythm 🎶 walking
Down each and every street
It’s born into the people
They carry it with them everywhere
It’s a special motion and passion with urban flair.

Nowhere is like N.O.L.A
Nowhere else has that vibe
Nothing has the feeling
It’s made to keep you alive

The river it meanders down through Hollywood south
Unique dialects are spoken from each and every mouth
It’s the elegance of France and the passion of Spain
Ringing out of the pores and lighting up the brain.

They say it’s a city that care just forgot?
Well, this big easy is definitely a melting pot
Beignets and creole will set your tastebuds on fire
They’ll have you Jambalaya-ing back for more
More than anything N.O.L.A will remain
“ Red bean and Ricely yours” X

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