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Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

Today, I write about the passing of The Royal Consort
Prince Phillip, The Duke of Edinburgh and Prince of Greece and Denmark
Born in 1921 on the beautiful island of Corfu
A place that remained in his heart, although it’s a place he never knew
His Mother was a Princess from a town in rural Germany
Whom spent her final days at Buckingham palace in the loving care of her family
His father was Athens born and passed away in Monte Carlo
Estranged from his family many years before so
Phillip was educated in France, The U.K. and Germany
In 1939 and before the war he would join the Royal Navy
He saw extensive service in World War 2
With battles in Crete, Sicily, Matapan and Okinawa to name just a few
He had spells in The Navy, Army and The Royal Air Force
Until the path of true love eventually found its course
In 1947 he would marry Princess Elizabeth
A true life partner that remained until his untimely death
He became a Captain, a admiral, Field Marshal and Commander in Chief
Until 1952 when he left the armed services and took his final debrief
Later he would adopt the surname Mountbatten and become a English Prince
His lifetime experiences have held the family together ever since
Fatherly duties, Patronages and appointments were how he spent his time
Sometimes making “ Tongue in Cheek” Gaffs that guaranteed a rye smile
41 gun salutes have taken place which, is very traditional
And we are led to believe that France has already surrendered which, is totally unconditional
Now that the Prince has passed on there are somethings I would like to see
For example when the Royal household prepares her Majesty’s afternoon tea
I would like them to include Danish Pasteries and Slices of Battenburg cake with love and, in sweet memory…

R.I.P Prince Phillip. The Duke of Edinburgh

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